function showPane(paneId) {

// Шаг 1 – ставим общее кол-во закладок, если больше – увеличиваем на единицу, меньше – соотв. уменьшаем
var panes = [“0″,”1″,”2″,”3″,”4”];

for(n in panes) {

if (n == paneId) {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “block”;

else {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “none”;


Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines

Facebook Twitter Mod for SMF enables your posts to be published automatically to Twitter and to a selected wall in your Facebook account. Don't miss this opportunity to increase organic traffic to your forum with this mod for only $149.

Price: $149

Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines Overview

Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines – it's unique software, created by team that helps your website get better web precense and significantly increase organic traffic to it. At the same time it ultimately leads to a increase of new registrations on your forum. In addition, our Twitter Facebook mod is fully compatible with all major search engines. Better indexing by Google and other search engines is guaranteed.

Another reason to buy it is that we don't host any of your settings and don't see or even store your Twitter and Facebook login details. While comparing it to other free online services that allow linking your forum to Twitter and Facebook, with our mod you have full control of what, when and where the posts are published.

Free updates terms of service.

Facebook Twitter Mod Features

  • Enable/Disable Twitter Service
  • Support of Twitter OAuth!
  • Support for URL shortening services
  • Ability to enable/disable
  • Support for URL shortening services
  • Great support and free one-time install on your forum
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Service
  • Support of Facebook OAuth!
  • Ability to set a post frequency
  • Ability to reset everything and start posting again
  • Ability to choose a target page to post
  • Stats display: topics published/topics pending
  • Ability to set custom message to be posted on Twitter/Facebook

Google Analytics: In Adition to the mod we can set up Google Analytics and Google for wembasters accounts for you at no extra cost.

Facebook Twitter Mod screenshot

Main window

Facebook Twitter Mod screenshot

Facebook Twitter Mod system requirements

  • Requirements: SMF 2.0.X, PHP5, PHP cURL lib.
  • Compatibility: Official SMF 2.0.X
  • Mods compatibility: Created by official SMF team only

Facebook Twitter Mod system support


Please follow our Detailed Twitter Mod Installation instructions. Don't hesitate to contact our support if you have any issues installing it or have comments/concerns about it, etc.


To configure your copy of Twitter Mod for SMF to work with Twitter and Facebook social networking we charge $100