Google Analytics Firefox Extension

Google Analytics Watcher allows you to view Google Analytics statistics of your website (we can install Google Analytics on your site for you for free if you become our hosting customer) right in the status bar of your Firefox browser.
Currently it displays the following values:

  1. Unique Visitors
  2. General Visits
  3. Pageviews
  4. New Visits
  5. Bounces

Screenshot and settings

Your Google Analytics Credentials – enter here your email and password that you use to access your Google Analytics account.

Templates – here you can customize the visual appearance of the watcher. You can use any text for that as well as special tokens that will be replaced by the appropriate values when displayed. You can read more about tokens here.

Caching – specify how frequently the displayed data should be updated.

Mouse Left Click – by default you can left-click on the watcher to force the update of the displayed data. Additionally, you can switch to the next profile by left-clicking.


You can use the following template tokens with the current version of the extension:

Token Value
Name of the current profile.
Bounces. This is the total number of single-page visits to your website.
New Visits. The number of first-time visitors.
Page-views. The total number of page-views of your website.
Unique Visitors. The total number of visitors on your website.
Visits. The total number of visits. A visit is single-user session.

Quick reference links

  1. Plugin configuration instructions
  2. What is “Google Analytics”
  3. Get a free install of this plugin when you purchase any webhosting package from us

Our choice of the best hosting packages that work flawlessly with Google Analytics is either our managed shared hosting or GoEasy plan both have been tested and tweaked to perfection. We will install Google Analytics for you on your site for free! We also offer plug-in development for Firefox at just ask by using the contact form.