function showPane(paneId) {

// Шаг 1 – ставим общее кол-во закладок, если больше – увеличиваем на единицу, меньше – соотв. уменьшаем
var panes = [“0″,”1″,”2″,”3″,”4”];

for(n in panes) {

if (n == paneId) {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “block”;

else {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “none”;


What is phpBB spam remover?

SPAM removal script automatically finds SPAMMERS on your forum and allows you to remove them quickly.

It's very easy to run the script and you don't need to have any special hardware for it.

Price: $149


Free phpBB SPAM
removal guide


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WHMClient is your way into WEB 3.0 technology where there’s no need to use a web browser. This way the work can be done much faster and efficiently.


phpBB SPAM Remover overview

When your forum gets flooded with SPAM your site's reputation suffers, your members leave and the SPAMMERS steal your traffic to their site. These are the reasons why we created our script!

When run, it gives you a list of identified SPAM accounts based on our intelligent detection rules. You are then presented with an option to either ban or remove them completely from your forum and either do it one by one or as a batch. This will put a smile on your face and make your SPAM management easy.

phpBB SPAM removal script features

  • Free installation
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Bulk SPAM accounts removal
  • Auto search by IP, keywords, site's URL, time zone, time difference
  • Shows accounts with any URLs in the first posts
  • Shows multiple account registrations from the same IP

* The price for the script is valid for one domain only. Please contact us for bulk domains license pricing.

Main window of phpBB Spam Remover


There several ways to fight spammers:

  • Delete SPAM posts everyday (very tiring and impractical)
  • Use one of our scripts (much easier than the first one)
  • Protect your registration with special mods that will stop SPAM registrations completely


How to use the phpBB SPAM Removal Script

Please follow these steps to run the script and get rid of SPAM on your phpBB forum.

  • After you received the script, upload it to the root folder of your forum.
  • Enter the URL in the address bar of your favorite browser.
  • Wait for about 1 minute or more if you have a lot of users and posts. Let the page load completely.
  • When the page has finished loading, check the detected potential SPAM accounts and press the “Remove” button.
  • The selected accounts and their posts will be removed.

Related phpBB services

Preventing phpBB3 SPAM in the future

Our specialists can analyze your forum and the security and then suggest ways to protect it from any future SPAM posts and registrations. We do this for $75 and include the following:

  • Removal of current SPAM posts and registrations
  • Installation of several powerful mods/plug-ins, preventing 99% of the SPAM
  • Consultation and recommendations about improving the security

To ask more about our phpBB SPAM protection services or
order them please use the form on the right.

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