There’s no perfect script or application that can do every possible thing you might need on your site. When searching for any application the most difficult step is to decide whether to have it built from scratch, use open source software or purchase a commercial products. Each one of these options has its limitations.

Open Source application might have too many security issues. A commercial product might not be as flexible as you want it to be or there might simply not be the one that would work for you. So the most important step is to have our detailed specifications of what you need your product to do. Based on those specifications we will find, develop and design an application just the way you want it to be. It’s that simple! And if the price seems too high we have ways to make it work for you anyway by modifying or customizing an already existing open source product! If you are serious about your venture – give us a try!

Fee schedule for web development & other services

The given prices are per hour *

Name of the plan Guests:
not hosted with us or have a hosting package elsewhere
Standard Hosting: customers with GoEasy MSH / NPS: Hosting customers
with MSH/NPS
  Web development services $75-$100 $70 $65
  Android development services $80-$125 $75 $70
  iPhone development services $100-$125 $75 $70
  Graphical design services $125-$150 $90 $85
  HTML/PHP debugging services $125-$150 $75 $70
  Advanced technical support $75-$100 $65 $60


80 hours per month $70 $65 $60
120 hours per month $65 $60 $55
180 hours per month $60 $55 $50

* — We are entitled at our discretion to revise these rates and adjust them according to the complexity of a particular project/service. For example our MSH customers can be charged $75 an hour more if their project requires that. We'll promptly discuss this with the customer prior to making any such changes.

** — The minimum cost per hour is $45

Open Source Applications web-development is our Forte


We will install and customize WordPress for you and will do any technical or design work that you might need for your WordPress website(s).


We shine at professional SMF customization which include SMF mods installation and design services. We guarantee the top service and have more then 5 years of experience doing this kind of work!

Brand-new forums, blogs, and CMSes

We set you up with a ready-to-use, complete web sites, personal or business blogs and forums, advanced web stores for e-commerce, and any content management system.


We provide top-of-the-line customization services for any open source application. If you become our hosting customers you will also enjoy our discounted rate and possibly a scalable pricing for high volume work.